New Ankle High Waders!


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Left my waders in my pack on yesterdays fishing expedition. Showed up at the reservoir for the first GigBob expedition of the year and had this Oh Shit moment. A real lack of gumption for driving a half hour back home and didn't want to bobber fish off the bank with the power bait guys, watching to make sure I don't snag an F150 on a back cast. I'm contemplating a day of wet feet and a mile long row to the other end of the reservoir when i see my collection of shopping bags. Here in Oregon they charge for bags so I save the nice plastic ones for reuse. Careful inspection revealed a couple of likely candidates and with an extra pair of wool socks over them they covered my size 10 1/2's just fine. After a short wade to test them, I got my gear together, blew up the boat and headed out for a great day on the water! E1BE67E4-910B-49E7-9A5C-3EA4BEF8684C.jpeg

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Does it pass the test? IMHO it should---> recycle, coordinates with all attire, resourceful, and reduces carbon footprint by reducing gas emissions for not driving back home and back.
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