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Former owner of both a power drifter (good for what it was) and a 15-foot drifter.


The drift boats do poorly in heavy water but are also extremely heavy. The plascore material doesn't absorb water, but water that does get inside the hull doesn't leave. The owner of RO Driftboats (what I have now) showed me a picture of a Stealthcraft they took in for trade or repair sitting on a scale without a trailer that weighed almost 800lbs.


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Thanks for the information. Very interesting about the hull material. Re: communication... I didn't get a response by email but I had a nice talk with two of the employees by phone.


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Disclaimer/I’m a clack owner of 17 years.

ive fished out of 3 different guide Stealthcrafts. All are great platforms to fish from. Super stable. But yeah, heavy as hell boats. Good for big flat water for sure.


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Here’s my thoughts:
1) I own a 14’ Ransom, only drift boat I’ve owned and have towed a few others but really didn’t know what I was doing at that point
2) I live in the Midwest so this summer will be first summer i’ll take it out west for true whitewater
3) rows and handles great on our waters, talking to a few guides i’ve talked to our west who have one, they like them. I put a 6hp Yamaha on mine, it motors very well
4) weight- website measures mine as coming in @ 210lbs, which seems about average for the industry. They have a ton of custom options so once you throw on the anchor, oars, winch, electrical system, etc it could get heavy I guess. I’ve never thought of it as heavy and if it is, it doesn’t handle like it
5) they make very nice trailers
6) never thought about getting the water out, never had an issue there but I guess everyone’s situation is different
7) size- my rower’s cockpit has room for a cooler but if I were taller than my 5’9” frame, I’d want the 15’ Aftermath
8) I was at their shop a few weeks back picking up my motor, based on what I saw and talking to the owner for 15 min, they have grown tremendously over the past 18mo. Seemed like they are having a bit of trouble keeping up with the new demand, probably part of the communication issue you experienced
9) storage is pretty decent for a 14’ boat

I bought my boat used and the deal was too good to pass up although I was looking at a stealthcraft anway. They seemed to have put more of a focus recently on their power drifters vs drift boats. I’d buy it again no questions asked but I’d have no issues switching to a clacka if I thought it was a better option.

Just my $0.02


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I went back and forth between Stealthcraft and Clackacraft for over a year.

Ended up with a Clack and can't imagine being more happy with a drift boat.

Came down to getting a boat designed for the water we have here in the PNW, more rocker, lighter, etc.

Have now been down the Sauk with it a half dozen times and feel like a little kid every time, handles like a dream!

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