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Clack has been there for decades, will be there for decades.
A friend bought a rough condition older Clack on the cheap, for $1200 Clack gave him back a new boat. Another was driving through a parking lot when his boat got sideswiped, crunching the stern. Insurance paid up, Clack gave him back a new boat. Marty and the boys do it right.
Been in Clack, Alumaweld, Koffler, Hyde, Don HIll and Radon DB's...Clack for the win.,,unless it's 'severe technical terrain' with lotta boulder hits inevitable...then time for a Koffler
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A buddy of mine in TN has one to float the tailwaters there. It's a super comfortable and dry boat to fish from, but I don't know anything about the weight/handling because he wouldn't let me row it. I think he bought it because of a huge discount offered for guides/outfitters - what's funny is that they only guide walleye in the great lakes .

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