Need a couple of fishing partners

Roger Stephens

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I have been fly fishing from a boat for 30 years in Marine Area 13 particularly the southern part. I live in west Olympia.

Last Fall I had a significant health issue that has kept me from being able to fish on Puget sound. By early May I should be able to take my boat out again on Puget Sound. However, my wife suggested that I always have someone accompany me. It is why I am making a "pitch" for a couple more fishing. partners.


1. Casting with right hand since I am a left hand caster. It would minimize cast flies getting close to a persons head.

2. Willing to fish mostly top water patterns for sea-run cutthroat and go subsurface for salmon. If you don't have any top water patterns, I will provide them.

If you are interested in fishing with me, send me a PM and tell me some information about yourself.



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Best of luck with your health and good luck out there on the water.


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Sorry to see this Roger. I hope you stay safe. I will DM you whenever I get the urge to fish out of a boat . . .

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