FS Sage LL 379-3

Phil Fravel

This is the fly rod your Grand father owned. And now I’m old enough to be a grandpa. It’s in outstanding shape. I bought it when I was in my 20’s. And have been the only owner. Did I take outstanding care of it??YOU BET CHA!! No nicks or scratches.

$800 pm for details. Not looking for offers or trades. Prefer check or buyer covers PP fees


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my LL lineup starts with a 379 goes to a 490 (my favorite) and to a 586. all the LLs are really sweet rods but marketing by Sage ended that run.


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I have a 490 I bought new from Teds sports center in 1993ish, I still fish it to this day. I wish I had a little extra cash to buy yours! Good luck to you

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