Mukilteo-Clinton Ferry Question


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Has anyone tried towing a boat onto the Mukilteo ferry? Trying to figure out how much it costs. It's hard to tell on the fares page of the site. Looks like it's based on length? Boat/trailer is about an extra 18 feet.

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I don’t mind driving around but it takes a while
Not as bad as some of the ferry lines I’ve been in in the past


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If going north soon, just take a route that avoids most of the tulip traffic. It can be a total cluster......;)


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Did they bring out the tape measure?
Yes. One time they eyeballed it and said I was fine and charged me $18. The next time they used a rolling measure and charged me $38. After that, I left my boat and trailer with a friend on the island. I'll use my SOT kayak on the mainland, except for special lake trips.


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Were you in your boat or tube? I was in my little Crestliner. So many guys out there haha
In my boat. Did you bring your 4-runner? I saw a newer looking one in the lot and thought it might be you. Ended up catching 12 between me and my friend with another 6 or so missed. Trolling. A few of the 12" stockers and several of the healthy/hefty guys at 18-20". It was nice

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