Looking for a 4 wt dry fly rod

Phil Englin

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Currently I’m throwing a Hardy zephrus 8’6” 4 wt but honestly I haven’t fallen in love. Prior to that I was using a Scott G2 884 and I miss the slower action of the G2 and regret selling it. My casting stroke just doesn’t match the zephrus and struggle with delicate presentations.

Obvious choice is finding another G2. Any other rods similar to a G2 884 I should look for?


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Original G904 if you would consider used rods.

Or shorter original g 4 weight.

If you could find a Fisher graphite 4 weight that is longish that would work too.

Livingston traditional graphite in 4wt and your length of choice would work too.

Scott and Winston kind of have the market cornered in New slower graphite rods.


Hi Phil.

I'm going to be selling a Pure 904. Excellent condition. I originally traded my GS 884 for it because I wanted another 5-10 feet of easy distance, and that is what I got. It was a very good move for me. It is a little slower, its smoother, but since the whole rods bends it has a little more power if you want it. It does have that Winston feel which for me is slightly nicer than the Scotts. I can hear the Scott-o-philes screaming as I say that.

It IS a littler more rod than the GS884. I would say the GS sweet spot is 15-40, and the Pure sweet spot is 20 to 50. So if you are looking for a puddle jumper it is too much rod.

The rod is equally epic as the 884s, just a little different taper, a little different feel. Anyway, I don't need a 386 and this one too. Send me a pm if interested.



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funny thing is, I read the headline and was going to immediately suggest a g2 884. Good luck finding one!

I picked one up last fall for about $300 in good condition on the big auction site and INSTANTLY fell in love. Just get what you know you'll love, it'll pop up.

David Loy

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I recently found a 4wt rod that is kicking a terrific dry fly rod out of the nest. If you’re interested in an Epic 480-3 (glass) let me know. Never thought I’d sell it, but to a good home...


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If you want to go cheap I would believe you have a hard time finding any rod better than the Redington Classic Trout.
Previous Sage TXL’s are also sweet light dry casters. Just to mention a couple.

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