Do you strippers count?


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Fishing the sound, where the game is basically blast it out there a mile and then strip all the way to your leader, I most definitely count. In fact, I’ve developed an annoying tic where I essentially start stripping to the beat of whatever random shitty song is stuck in my head. I hate it because it gets the song stuck in my head worse, but it’s pretty effective for randomizing the presentation and programming in some brief pauses (whole rests) as well.

Not to derail, but I’d be curious to hear folks’ optimal song choices for this application.
Devo's "Whip It". Modified, of couse, to "Strip It".


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I have a friend who calls streamer fishing streamin’.

“How was fishing?”
“You dryin’ or streamin’?”

It is a bit cringeworthy.

Grits Hardway

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I don't count. I (try to) feel the weight of the line change as I strip and when I feel the weight I expect to feel when my line is ready to haul then I look at my line shape (IOW, I expect to feel the line strip a little quicker/lighter as the head nears my rod tip- at that point I'll look at my line or feel with my fingers to see if I am gaining the head- ie, thicker line, or still feeling running line- ie thinner line, between my fingers). If I'm fishing heavy current, or tides with heavy salad, I'll mark my line and feel for diameter. If my line gets light during the strip and I am still feeling running line and not seeing my mark, then I'll typically strip set.

I WILL occasionally count line loops when I'm two-handing, but I find it distracts me from concentrating on what my fly is doing. But, then again, I'm pretty simple minded. Probably because my mother must have drank when she was pregnant with me. Which may also explain why I fly fish and tie flies (and don't count strips??)

Strip tempo is usually to : "Catholic School Girls Rule".
I tried stripping to Disturbed's "Get Down With The Sickness" once- but found I couldn't keep the fly down in the zone.

Clarkman: "Sweet Caroline"???? BWAHAHAHA!! Could you imagine those fish down there staring at your fly? "Sweeet Car-o-line, DUN, DUN, DUN, Good times ne-ver felt so gooood"! Those fish were probably all "What-the absolute-FUDGE"??!! BWAHAHAHA.
That's priceless. Still laughing....... WITH you..... From now on, everytime I'm at the launch or beach if I hear someone roll up playing Neil Diamond, I'm going to wonder if it's you.... TOO funny!

Rob Allen

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maybe i am just stubborn but when fishing a retrieve the fish either do it my way or not at all i never vary my retrieve. I may catch fewer fish but I really don't care.

when it comes to spey I gave up shooting heads years ago so I don't strip near as much and I could care less about distance, I can hit the spots the fish hold on the rivers I fish. I have also found that shorter casts catch me more fish, why? because i have better control of the swing!


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I count and collect decreasing sizes of loops. Normally I'm against counting - like when you have to move an entire pallet of bagged concrete. Counting is not allowed until it can be done on one hand and help determine who gets to carry the last bag.

One of the things that I find enjoyable is converting kilometers to miles because that means I'm in Canada and on another great adventure.


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I never count the strips during the retrieve. Other than the rare case of some deep water fishing were I count the seconds of the sink p reach a desired depth (usually just above the bottom) about the only counting I do in fishing is the fish to hand and particularly enjoy those days those numbers become a blur and unimportant!


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