FS **SOLD- SOLD**2 Person Bad Cat Pontoon Boat Frame

Max Morris

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This is a custom made 2 person aluminum pontoon boat frame made by Bad Cat boat. Rower seat is stationary while the front seat swivels, comes with motor mount, rowing foot bar, anchor attachment, cooler attachment, two casting bars with rod holders and diamond plate floor.
Foot pump all straps and a NRS gear bag.

The pontoons are 12'X21" dia. dual chamber Bad Cat pontoons by Maxxon. One pontoon has a slow leak while other has a quarter size hole (see pictures). I am not sure if the pontoon can be repaired so I am just throwing them in with the raft frame. (New 12' pontoons from Bad Cat cost $935.00)

No oars are included.

$550.00 OBO.


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