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Sage 4210 large arbor, sealed drag fly reel in Sage's beautiful “Bronze” color. Sized for 9-10wt rods, it’s 4-1/4” in diameter and weighs 7.5oz. Currently set up for left hand retrieve but can easily be changed to RH.

This is the workhorse of the 4200 series and is the predecessor of the current Spectrum reel. It has a strong sealed drag with a nice indexed single turn knob, and is perfect for salt or fresh water use. Rated for 200yds of Dacron or 250yds of GSP backing with a WF10 line.

I am the original owner and purchased this reel directly from Sage. It has been very lightly used and is in perfect, like new condition. I recently changed out my 10wt rods and reels and since this one hasn’t been getting much use, it’s time for it to go to a new home.

Includes Sage neoprene reel case and 30# Rio GSP backing.

PM or post here for more info
Located in SWFL



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