Stockers galore!!

Steve Kokita

Fished a real local lake today from 2:00-7:30......97 trout, 5 yellow perch and one osprey!! I was playing a fish on a wet line while bs’n with another boat when I heard a huge splash behind my first I thought a big bass slammed the little trout....then my fly line was up in the air! Damn osprey took my fish and then my fly..... F9D07D2E-1023-4D9A-9029-5A9BA405710C.png

Matt B

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I was at a 10” stockers galore local lake yesterday too, whoopin’ up on ‘em, and just hoping the eagle would get off his ass and put on a show. I managed to run into a nice holdover as well—a fish that actually did put on a bit of a show. Anyway I’m with @Chris Johnson , the birds are welcome to the abundance provided by the state’s trout hatcheries. Plenty to share.

Steve Kokita

I’ve been known to bonk a few stockers to feed the eagles, way cool watching them swoop down with talons out to grab the trout....but for an osprey to grab the trout that close to my boat and steal that last fly of that color.......:eek:

Steve Kokita

Steve, do you carry a counter or something? I loose track after 3. Can't imagine counting like that, would make my head hurt:).

Fish counting started out with me and my dad, then my son would always try to beat me....and now it’s Lue! And yes we actually have these little plastic fish counters! We don’t use it much, you know....we’re flyfisher’s....we never lie about numbers or size!

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