Stockers galore!!

Rodney Bryan

Rodney Bryan
WFF Supporter
Yesterday Lue and I hit another real local lake, (15 minutes away) from 2:00-6:30, I C&R’d 38 (no brag, just fact mostly on the “improved pretty Rodney wet fly) nothing over 12” but still fun on light shorty bamboo! Only a few on the bobber.....ask Lue how many he caught.....:rolleyes:
not sure how I feel about 'improved' and 'pretty'

Lue Taylor

Lue Taylor/dbfly
Hey Lue, how many did you catch?
Well Rodney this lake is called no funwick for me there is times I do well but 99% of the time it kick my ass There was a time I casted over Steve line with the same fly never caught a damn thing. This time Steve was using his improved Rodney gave me one still was having a hard time. I ended up with 12 most on the indicator all I can say he was in a pontoon boat I was in my hard boat that's my excuse I am sticking to it :D

Steve Kokita

I don't know you, Steve and Lue, but it seems like I need to do what y'all are doing haha :D
Bring some Crown and you’re welcome to fish with us!
Same local lake today, same time and released 21 trout, 3 yellow perch and one big bass......the bass saw me reach for my net and said see ya later!

Rodney Bryan

Rodney Bryan
WFF Supporter
How about you Rodney, how was your stocker time?
Been harassing stockers, and doing relatively well but the ones near my house has perfected the skill of harassing my fly without getting hooked.. got a few on a midge emerger ( Steve's pattern that I improved, lol).

And yes, I have made a deal with the fish gods that requires me to spend at least a quarter of my rime on a lake bobber fishing.

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