Coast Olympic Peninsula Car Camping Options


Indi Ira
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Ok WFF brain, my wife wants the family to camp on the OP this summer with the option of seeing the coast. This would be a car camping experience, not a back packing trip.

I of course would love to fish if possible, but it will not be a priority.


Gary Knowels

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Mora campground is awesome if you can get it!
There is a campground at Lake Ozette too.

Not REALLY OP, but pacific beach state park has great sand beach access across the highway.

bk paige

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LA Push if it opens, can rent cheap cabins and a few tent spots still I think, been going since the 70's. Bogachiel Sate park, Queets State park, 2 on the DUC but can't remember the names. Ox Bow and Cottonwood on the Hoh too.

Old Man

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Just pull out your trusty Washington Gazetteer and search out where you want to camp. You used to be able to camp at Ocean Shores on the beach. But the last time I went there we rented a Motel room for a few days. Much cleaner and no sand in all your hidden places. Plus a pool to swim in at night.


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Lots of good options. We liked Kalaloch. Fish the Queets, Clearwater, and I even think my river is up there too, Sam River. Or head north to the Hoh.

Or fish for surf perch off the beach.


Scott Salzer

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Or, just leave the gear at home and explore!

We have taken numerous trips to Costa Rica. I leave the gear at home because of the time I do fish here. I use it to spend too easy with Miss T, family and our CR friends.
I truly enjoy the jungle, sans snakes an bull sharks, be aware. I have

Scott Salzer

previously micro brew
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I have seen the fer-de-lance up close and waded across rivers frequented by bull sharks. Saw a croc taking a pelican up river for a meal.

I know, off topic, sorry



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salt creek was a favorite. easy hike up stripped peak for some views. it the tides cooperate, great tide pools. Lake Ozette is also a special and very quiet place. the triangle hike is about 9 miles all told but you can do pieces as well. Makah reservation is still closed at this point.


Kalaloch is far above any other campground on the OP IMO. We make our reservations 6 months in advance to the day every year. Even then, it’s hard to get one of the best spots. It’s a beautiful place though and if you can swing a reservation I would highly recommend it. The state record surf perch was caught there and the sunsets are hard to beat…

The bogey, hoh, and duc also have some nice campground along them.

Ive camped in quite a few non-designated camp sites over there as well, off the many logging roads. If you want some places to check out I’d be happy to DM them, but I’m assuming your looking for somewhere with amenities like bathrooms.

If you do hit the rivers, I’d target sea runs as it can be pretty dang slow in the summer over there but I’ve had good luck doing that when all else fails.


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Sam's on the upper queets is a good option if you want more of a 'camping in the wilderness' vibe. Still has bathrooms and stuff but it's a ways into the forest and not off a main highway. Lots of hikes there. I don't think there is any cell service either if that's a goal with the kids.

Bogachiel campground is a good option too. It is on the other end of the spectrum compared to Sam's in that it is right off the highway so you'll be camping with cars whizzing by and it is super close to Forks. If you need civilization around you (grab pizza or coffee or groceries) then that is helpful.
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