FS ***SOLD***Abel Mooching Salmon reels Downrigger

Kirk Singleton

Capt Kirk
****SOLD****I hope it is ok to post these here, if not I am happy to delete !
I have two black Abel Mooching reels for $550.00 each (they were $900 new). Only used a handful of times trolling with downriggers. The reels are almost mint and in great condition. I sold my boat and these are extra. Abel mooching reels are the finest salmon reels that I have ever found. Located in Sammamish. Please email with any questions! If this ad is up, they are still available.
tempImageFys9TW.png tempImageErAneZ.png tempImagemQNFYs.png tempImageHl0UZa.png tempImage2rtPi7.png tempImagejodmoH.png tempImage1pYGKJ.png tempImageonpt4B.png tempImagepROjbZ.png tempImagexhgT06.png


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