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As I have stated before I live in Southern Ca. and mainly fly fish warm water lakes. But in a month I’ll be in the Eastern Sierra fishing several of my favorite Stillwaters. Here is a sampling of some of the fish I caught in past few years at these lakes. It’s a combination of indicator fishing and stripping full sink lines.


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Matt B

So is it pretty fun? I can’t get a sense of the size of the lakes or the scenery. You fish out of a motorboat? Is pic 11 some kind of crappie hybrid?

Gila trout

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So is it pretty fun? I can’t get a sense of the size of the lakes or the scenery. You fish out of a motorboat? Is pic 11 some kind of crappie hybrid?
That boat is a guide my father and I fish with. I also float tube and sometimes fish from shore. Most of these fish came from Lake Crowley it’s a high desert water storage lake run by LA water and power. It’s sits at 6,800 ft. and has some wild fish but it’s a mainly a put and grow lake. It’s got several strains of rainbows, browns and cutthroat. The fish in pic 11 is a Sacramento perch they are very fond of zebra midges. It’s 15 minutes from the town of Mammoth Lakes. Its loaded with food and had an amazing growth rate.


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Sacramento Perch.
That is a new one to me.
Folks up here like to eat perch. Are they good to eat?


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Pyramid Lake in Nevada/Sacramento Perch. That is where I have heard of them.

"Sacramento perch is the only fish species that is not native to Pyramid. Pyramid Lake is now one of the few locations where its population is doing well. The Sacramento perch is an endangered sunfish that has unfortunately disappeared from its native range in the Central Valley of California, due to habitat destruction and competition from invasive fish species. It was first introduced in 1877 to Pyramid Lake and has successfully colonized."

Actually, a sunfish and not a true perch I read.

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