Drift boat repairs


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Got quoted 800-1000 for the wrap. They usually only last 3-5 years. Might as well just save up and have it painted down the road.


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Understand that gloss coats, the final spray coat over gel coats, are just a seal, and begin to crack and starburst as they age...for decades the surfboard industry has been using Behr brick and tile sealer for the final seal on high performance surfboards, lightly wet sanded after it dries. Works as well as gloss coats which cost add $140 to a board cost, no difference in strength.

Picked up this old Clackacraft Magnum that had been used hard and put away wet...gloss coat long gone....under the camo paint deep gouges into the glass, big chips on the chines, damaged transom...epoxy resin mixed with ground fibreglass filled all the bad spots, epoxy and 12oz cloth took care of the transom, everything power sanded level, roll on two coats of Sea Hawk expoxy primer (10 mm a coat), couple finish coats...hull like new and bombproof...save yourself some $, do it yourself, you'll be happy you did...feel free to PM me for any questions

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There a handful of them around the chine but these are by far the worst out of the bunch. EBDE141B-B19E-4473-84C2-1017430C1376.jpeg


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easy repair.
1 - get er' done and go fishing with no worries.
Pick up some Marine Tex..
Prep the site with 80 grit and then clean everything, including the voids, with acetone.
Apply the Marine Tex with a putty knife just like Bondo in a car dent with a slight overfill.May take you a couple of fills/coats to get the chine angle right.
Wet sand, go fish.

2- Sealed repair
After filling the voids with Marine Tex tape off the area with a two inch margin.
Mix a small batch of epoxy resin thoroughly for two minutes, brush it over the repair area, let it dry.
Wet sand with 220.

3 - Old School
Use epoxy resin and powdered fibreglass just like above, adding the glass slowly after you've thoroughly mixed the epoxy for 2 mins until you have a bondo like mix.
Do the rest of above.

For all things fibreglass boat repair I use Jamestown Distributors. Excellent online catalog (request their printed one), great prices, fast delivery. You'll learn just by perusing the catalog.


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Talked with the main repair guy at Hyde and his only real concern was the bottom damage which he stated I could use marine Tex for. I appreciate all the responses. Plan on doing marine Tex when the weather gets nicer for curing purposes.


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I have been happy with the durability of repairs done with Marine Tex on my boats. It’s not cheap stuff, but it’s easy to work with.

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