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Hi folks. I’m building up an NFC Iconoglass 10 wt blank, mostly for muskie but might also get salty. Can you recommend a reel seat? I’m looking for something saltwater safe, with double nuts and ideally a recessed hood. The rod is 0.6 inches at the butt, but so many seats are too small. Any ideas? Thanks v

I’m really looking forward to finishing and fishing this rod. It’s a bright green blank, and I’m going to wrap it with a light green thread that goes translucent. It’s the one in the right, in the picture.

Steve Kokita

Hmmmm....not much help eh Phil? That’s a beast of a rod! I haven’t built anything that size so I’ll I can suggest is google it. Good luck.


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Hey Steve, yeah, it's a pretty stout rod. a far cry from your dainty little hotrodz.

I ended up calling Utmost and have a reel seat on the way.

Ryan Janos

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Well @PhilR it sounds like you found a solution, but if you're still thinking about reel seats and glass blanks, I'd suggest just using a stint. Buy a graphite rod that fits whatever reel seat you like, chop off a few inches of the bottom section of the blank, fit it up in there with tape and glue, and Bob's your uncle. Just curious, what seat did Utmost send you?


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Hmm, never would have thought of doing that, although I've repaired a few tip breaks with an internal splint made with an old rod section. Once even used a drill bit.

I got the pac bay A10.

Thanks, Ryan.

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