The Red Sea

Calico Keta

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Not sure if anyone has seen the Amazon Prime (fishing documentary) called “Sudan the Red Sea”. 6 episodes of a guy mostly gear fishing for GT’s and trigger along with host of other tropic species.

Anyways, I have been looking for a trip similar and just got an email from our fly-fishing travel guides and they are offering this trip this year. Similar experience fishing the Seychelles at a ¼ of the cost.

We used them for our trip to Farquhar.
These guys are top notch and their attention to detail is unmatched. The logistics and planning from start to finish was one of the best ever.

Anyone who is interested, see the link below.


Indi Ira
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I hated watching him fish for triggers. I kept backseat casting, stripping and setting. Funny how quickly (he called it luck) a fly guy walked up and hooked and landed one.


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I randomly caught that series on YouTube last year when it was recommended to me. The guy in it is one of the founders of Googan Squad baits (YouTube Influenced bass fishing brand that has taken off over the last year). He’s a fairly famous Youtuber in the bass fishing world I believe. Not a serious fly fisherman which explains his lack of skill with the triggers.

Seemed like a pretty awesome trip. I really wanted him to pull out a fly rod for gt’s off those little Panga type boats they were fishing from.

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