FS Sage Pike (10wt) with rod case


In great condition. REEL NOT INCLUDED. Looking to sell for $375 $400 $435 (+shipping) or trade for quality 4wt, or 9wt. Possible to sell entire combo if someone is interested.... Great musky rod ( much better than the actual sage "musky" rod IMO) Thanks!


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I may be wrong, but I think that the Pike series came out around the same time that Rio designed the pike line to go with this rod.

I have a Sage Bass II Smallmouth. At least for that rod , it came with a Sage branded (made by Rio) line specifically built for the rod. The various Rio brand lines available these days for bass are close to, but not quite, as money for the rod as the original line. That line just perfectly pairs, so wondering whether seller has same for the Pike version. B

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