What's your favorite Hopper pattern?


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What's your favorite hopper pattern and why?
Mix of easy (ish) to tie, productivity and looks.


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I like these.
Not sure what the pattern is called. Used to buy them at various shops.

They aren’t super durable, but seem to fish better the more whatever hair it is they use to tie them gets trashed from fish eating them.
Maybe elk hair?




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Easy. Chubby Chernobyl
This what I had my best day on last summer, but I went on a little bit of a foam hopper tying binge in February and the ones I had the most fun with were the pink pookie: ()
and chaos hopper (https://hopperfishing.wordpress.com/2010/03/20/improved-chaos-hopper/):

I also enjoyed Tim Flagler's video on the GFA hopper: . I can't speak to how any of these fish yet, but there is quite the foam hopper rabbit hole out there for those who want to go down it.


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This is great. I know hopper patterns are a dime a dozen.
I've never actually had the pleasure to fish them, and am really hoping to get somewhere in the late summer to fish them so I want to start tying up a couple patterns now.

I think Im going to tie 3 patterns in a few sizes and colors.
- Chubby
- Letorts (thanks Canuck)
- and another TBD.


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I've never had much luck on dedicated hopper patterns. I've had a lot more luck on suggestive patterns, like Stimulators and Chubby Chernobyls, so that is what I tend to use.

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