Trip Report Trip Report - Brown Town

I headed home about 1PM, this time through Ennis because on road work on my primary route. The Lower Madison, still low, was awash with drift boats and caddis. I am sure the upper Madison was equally congested. In about two miles along the river, my windshield was almost opaque from caddis collisions. But alas that was on the way home from a very interesting day on some new water. I split my day between two streams, sections I’d never fished before. The morning started off slow with the cold overnight temps and very low, clear water. But the river did give up a snazzy brown along a deep cliff to a bright streamer.
BZN51135.JPG BZN51145.JPG By 11AM I’d made my way to a different gem of a stream—again low and clear. Fished for about two hours with much greater success. Apart from a dozen or so large whitefish and moderate sized trout, two big brownies came to hand as well. Never saw another angler and in fact very little evidence that any anglers had visited these streams of late.
BZN61171.JPG BZN61166.JPG BZN61160.JPG One can’t complain about big fish and no competition.

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