Pulled out an unused rod today


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I bought maybe three-ish or
More years ago from a Montana company significantly and generously closing them out price wise. Think 300-may e 324.99 but not more. Originally a 575-600ish rod. I actually bought it for the hell of it

For some reason I put her up on shelf and didn’t use her then Covid stuff cut off a year plus in addition. Put a Bauer M3 with a 7 weight gold and she sang. Casted whole line on grass. I actually hate the smaller guides on this rod. But I was out casting and this Bolt rod on my estimation easily outperformed my 7 weight RPL. In terms of casting distance. I had my backing knot in the guides This is all lawn. River/lake/Sw adds another dimension. But wow...I can tell this rod has a pop!!!! But she is a stiffer!



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Could be? Thinks it’s gonna be, but another judgement will come forth after some real water use and landing some fish on this rod. While I was impressed, At the same time my proven RPL is a relaxed easy going fella, maybe not the long distance champ but seems to cover all the bases from first to home and can easily reach the outfield, just maybe not over the fence like the Bolt rod can.

Taking the 691-4 XP, the 790-4 RPl. and a DS2 490-4 to Oregon this week.
A couple of days of nothing but fishing, more fishing. a few Oregon craft brews and some fine dining, and then more fishing, followed by just a bit more fishing!!!!


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2B3DCEB1-452C-4278-A591-39036581B1E3.jpeg F2838966-61D6-45CE-B4C0-4CD7380D4F8D.jpeg D519CB9D-8E3F-4068-844E-8855C8DF9E3F.jpeg

The playground last couple of days! Did not disappoint, caught some beauties but
missed way more than caught and in addition got my ass kicked pretty good both days by the periodic debri throwing howling winds,

And this thing.....couldn’t figure out how to use it, didn’t have a slot for a credit card, or any download app for Apple Pay, Venmo, or any crypto currency....


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You somehow disturbed the space/time continuum. I would remain there and enjoy a simpler life.

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