Strange lake fishing action yesterday


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I had the exact same thing happen this year like no other.
My theory is these stockers have armored jaws.
More hooking, less retention, the state saves money next year and the holdovers are bigger.


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Instead of lifting the rod to set the hook when you feel a hit, use a “strip strike.“ Then lift the rod keeping the line tight when you feel the fish on.


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Seems like I, too, am coming across the light hitters. Especially when fishing flies in smaller sizes. @Dillon 's comment struck me as what's working best now also. Seems when they are out away from you keeping tension on, especially early, is important. I found touching up the hook with a hone often helps the initial hookup numbers.
Unless I'm fishing boobies. I'm not fishing those much these days as they seem to occasionally get swallowed.


The tail of the fly was short but all that I can imagine is that they were short hitting it in the tail and then letting go?
I don't think any fish is holding on that long, stocker or otherwise. Strip setting never hurts with a stripped/trolled fly!!, and I think trying a shorter-shanked hook can't hurt either.


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Don't have an answer. My last outing, I lost at least two dozen. Only landed four or five. Last fall, had a couple similar outings. Just couldn't keep them pinned.

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