FS $$$OLD!!! ORVIS TLS Trident 8’4” 2wt 2pc Fly Rod

Beartown Lodge

Active Member
Cool little rod! Nice, soft medium action with a sensitive tip. Shows very light signs of use but overall in excellent condition. The burl wood reel seat shows some season cracks. Rod is under warranty until 2027! Comes with original, internally divided case.
Price includes PayPal fees. Add $10 shipping CONUS. PM for questions / payment info.
EBA4B5C2-4234-49DD-96A9-DDDE5FEC6BE5.jpeg 2722D948-B2A1-450E-B63C-1D8F63F7EB9B.jpeg 3080C25E-6F61-4FD9-B887-DC97459FA01C.jpeg 432016D3-B4FE-4166-BB5D-A5873169FD2A.jpeg AF696079-BE72-4144-8D85-A4725EA21060.jpeg F09D0CF7-7051-4E3B-8615-421413DBC542.jpeg 5ACB6EA9-2239-4BF5-940C-219989A8B527.jpeg 0706DF2D-7AFD-4E10-A747-6E494BA799F9.jpeg

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