FS FS Fly Tying Bench (Complete Set-Up


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I got all set up to get serious about tying fly's but due to a medical condition I can't. My loss is your gain
Oasis Pro Bench Pedestal 6X6 with Dubbing Tower, Hook Hotel, Fly Dock and Book Holder. Giraffe Lamp and 2X with 10X insert Magnifier. Complete fly tying kit includes BW Sports soft travel case, vise and complete set of tools. Can't remember the make. Kit has everything to tie most flies, feathers, fur, dubbing, hackle, yarn, chenille, beads, hooks, thread, eyes, lead, heads, UV glue etc etc. A couple of fly tying books and extra bulb. This is a real nice set up. Only issues is the Hook Hotel is missing the back, easy to fix with a small piece of wood backing approximately 8" x 8" x 1/16" or so thick and the UV flashlight is missing. Around $1100.00 invested. $800.00 OBO.
I live in Mount Vernon and travel to Bremerton once a week for work so can deliver within reason. Obviously shipping would be spendy but could be worked out at a cost.
Steve Bench.jpg Bench1.jpg Bench2.jpg


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Pretty cool setup! Certainly not in my budget right now, but looks real handy

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