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Thinning the herd, have the following reels and spools available;

1) Ross Rhythm R3.0 Reel + pouch; condition gently used - $145.00

2) Ross Rhythm R3.0 Spool + pouch; condition new - $105.00 (have 2 available)

3) Ross Rhythm R3.5 Reel + pouch; condition new - $160.00

4) Ross Gunnison G1 Spool (Post 98 model) , no pouch; condition new - $105.00 SOLD

5) Ross Gunnison G2 Spool (Post 98 model) + pouch; condition gently used - $105.00

Prices are in US dollars and include shipping anywhere in lower 48 or Canada

R3Reel.jpg R3Spool2.jpg G1Spool.jpg G2Spool.jpg R3.5Reel.jpg R3Spool1.jpg
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