Solitude on one of the seep lakes


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Went out to one of the small seep lakes on Thursday to find some solitude and I had the whole lake to myself all day. I'm not anti-social, but sometimes I just like to be by myself on a lake. No big fish on this outing, but all the fish fought quite well, pulled hard and jumped a lot. The fish felt like they were 2 to 3 inches larger than they actually were; good thing I had the Measure Net to keep me honest. :)

Fish Size Distribution Chart 2021-05-06.jpg

The chart above gives you an idea of the sizes of fish I was finding in this general regulation lake (I measure from the tip of the nose to the fork in the tail, not the end of the tail). A couple were dark and several looked like they had been caught previously, but most were unmarked, very silvery and chunky.

I only used leech patterns on this outing as it didn't seem like the fish were very selective. Casting and stripping is what I like to do; no bobber watching for me. Most of the hits were very hard and vicious. The tug is the drug!

If you go out there, be advised that the rattlesnakes are coming out; had one rattle a warning to me while hiking into this lake. Mosquitoes are getting active too.



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Seep lake MS13 is no longer a secret! If you get by the ticks, wolves, and skeeters, the fang bangers will get you! Watch yo’ backs homies!

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