FS $$$OLD!!! ORVIS CFO II & III Fly Reels (England)

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Two fine reels that are in NEW condition (not a spot anywhere on either of them)!

CFO II is rated for 2-4wt lines and comes with backing, Orvis Wonderline WF4 line and case.

CFO III is rated for 3-5wt lines and comes with backing, Orvis Wonderline WF5 line and case. Also have a spare spool for the III available combo or separately.
Reel - $$$OLD!!!
Spool - $$$OLD!!!
Combo - $$$OLD!!!

Prices are shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.

2030EEA9-FCBE-4498-B852-86DB71AF7A7F.jpeg 3D5130A2-FFD5-4EA6-A49D-D4DFEEE36C6F.jpeg 04496C83-1097-4C4A-936D-2F5795ED0294.jpeg E1183354-1414-4909-90CA-C3DC94CB9A15.jpeg 2E590A4B-7910-4D57-A0BF-8FAA969E5F65.jpeg E83C616B-133B-4BEA-8132-8FAC85CF053E.jpeg
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