FS Fly Line Cleanout! All Lines $$$OLD!!!

Beartown Lodge

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Lines, condition and prices as follows:
Sage Quiet Taper DT2 (New) - $$$OLD!!!

Orvis Pro Trout WF4 Smooth (Used) - $$$OLD!!!
* shows some staining from black backing. Otherwise as new.

Rio Trout LT WF2 (Used) - $$$OLD!!!

Rio Lightline DT2 (Used) - $$$OLD!!!

Price are shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.
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Bob G

Your text is accurate, but it appears that the plastic bags‘ marking on the RIO lines is reversed. For example, the colors identify the last line pictured as the Lightline, but it is marked as the LT. Good Luck, Bob

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