FS SAGE Click Reels

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Reels, condition and prices as follows:

Sage Click II (2-4wt, first gen), bronze, like new with backing and case - $175

Sage Click 0/1/2, stealth, has only a couple TINY marks as shown. Comes with backing and case - $225

Sage Click 0/1/2 SPARE SPOOL, stealth, comes with backing and case - $75

Prices are shipped CONUS with PayPal G&S. PM for questions / payment info.
BED72D1F-031B-4503-B369-90ABFB793D2C.jpeg 8CCCC28F-BAC3-43AD-8C0C-3A80C1E1B229.jpeg 97228A1D-098F-4C52-B51A-7E36592B4598.jpeg 5A9DD706-93F1-40AD-BC02-B45B14A4789D.jpeg BDBDA238-8565-4DE1-9D46-53DA76007510.jpeg F8F867F1-5DDD-4FD4-8758-3FBAB0309A00.jpeg DF5B84D5-36EF-4CE0-9015-EBCF2B1340F8.jpeg EABC3132-8C50-4942-BCAA-FB904A231637.jpeg 3FAD2053-E3B2-40E5-BF39-58A989131F36.jpeg 2E7FB472-9CEE-4022-998D-02945E04DA5A.jpeg

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