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I have two CF Burkheimer vintage finish rods for sale:

CF Burkheimer 9135-4v: It is the "vintage" finish and comes with the extra tip section. I ordered it directly from the CF Burkheimer shop and it was finished in December of 2017. I can include a copy of my invoice. The rod is the standard vintage finish (smoke nickel reel seat with California Buckeye insert, translucent black finish etc.). The rod has been used for only 1-3 runs at most and is essentially like new. I inspected it carefully and other than what would be wear you would expect to see in a rod that was put together and used once or twice, it looks in near new shape to my eye. The serial number is 08700 and it comes of course with the Burkheimer rod tube and cloth case. The cost for this rod from Burkheimer today in the vintage finish and with the extra tip is $1,470. I am asking $1,075 for the rod plus cost of shipping and insurance. I will provide detailed photos for anyone interested. FYI- I ordered it with the extra tip section as I had planned to use the rod for various trips to BC, including camp trips, so wanted an extra tip in case something happened remotely. Unfortunately I have not been able to make these BC trips.

CF Burkheimer 9145-4v: I purchased this rod from a member of a well known forum. I was told that his fishing partner purchased the rod new from Burkheimer sometime around 2017 but did not use it. The member bought it from his partner and used it a couple of times before selling it to me. I don't recall as ever fishing with it or casting it to my best recollection. It looks to be in near new condition. The serial number is 07803 if you should wish to check with Burkheimer. It is the standard vintage finish, the same as the 9135 above and comes with the Burkeimer rod tube. I am asking $750 plus shipping and insurance. (9145 is sold pending funding)

If you have any questions or would like photos, please let me know.
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Bump to the top. Lower price. FYI- showing me as new member, but I’ve been a member for some years now. I had to reset my membership and it now shows me as a new member. I’ve also been a long time member of the other two handed forum for any references. Any questions, please just PM me. Thanks John

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