NFR College Football 2021

O' Clarkii Stomias

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That looks strangely similar to my masters pose. But minus the pimento sammich.


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Ya. He’s not happy.

College = Smile - coaching kids - reassure everyone how great it is going - smile - recruiting nightmare - public relations expert - smile and schmooze the board - Order everyone around - Keep smiling no matter what. Win.

Pro - You can’t tell prima donnas what to do. Win anyway.

That’s my quick summary anyway. Totally different animals.
Urban Meyer reminds me of one of those porn novels that used to circulate around the barracks back in the '50's. Dog eared and stained...


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Huskies screwed the pooch when they let Jake Haener go. Last 3 minutes of UCLA/Fresno State game were one of the best QB performances ever.
Great game and QB performance. Really easy to cheer against UCLA when the chipster is running the program. PS Jake quit the Huskies within hours after Eason was announced as starting QB.

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