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Cincinnati will get in if they run the table and the following happens:
-Oklahoma loses or
-Oklahoma goes undefeated and the sec team with 2nd best record has 2 losses.


Looks like the Coug's coach just got religion maybe he could donate some of the 3.8 million to his new church
It’s unfortunate he just couldn’t have said that on July 21. Too much time to poke holes in his claim? Who knows? Forever to be known as Roloclown. Splits fan base, recruiting suffering, crappy performance on-field overall. Dude looks like he’s just wanting cash it in and retreat to a Hawaii Beach with taxpayer millions. Far cry from the outgoing Mr. Nice Guy hired on the heels of Leach. Now just looks like a mumbling weirdo with a few million.


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After years of drought, it seems Gameday now has a second home in Athens.

Aka, the Classic City.

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After years of drought, it seems Gameday now has a second home in Athens.

Aka, the Classic City.
Back on the Georgia music kick, I just listened to the new Jason Isbell & friends benefit album Georgia Blue; covers by artists from GA. Very nice. Love the cover of Honeysuckle Blue which was my personal anthem for so long and a great version of In Memory of Elizabeth Reed too. Worth a listen.

A video from the album of Isbell covering Driver 8 in Athens.

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My beloved Ducks seem to be overrated. A good team finally showed in the 4th quarter but still almost had a repeat of the Stanford game. Look forward to a good game between UW and FUCLA.


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Saturday football? :rolleyes: Off to a strange start. With a late breakfast I decided to check today's games before I head outside to continue winterizing. Scanning the menu I saw that Michigan State was playing Indiana and since my dad went to MSU I thought I would watch a few minutes of it while I ate. To my dismay Brock Huard was motor mouthing by over analyzing every play in strict footballese jargon most of which is unintelligible to the average viewer. About 90 seconds of that before I switched to another game.

Just as the other game became visible the quarterback completed a simple little 11 yard pass on the right side-the kind of pass that will be thrown hundreds of times during today's games and is as much a staple in football as salt and pepper is the kitchen. But the genius color commentator couldn't leave it alone. Instead he opted for: .....the receiver ran a little conversion curl route to the inside..."

I couldn't take any more, I put on my work gloves and went to the barn. I'll try the Dodger game tonight, I don't think Joe Buck will be on....


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Is it just me or does Texas have "Cougeritis", the tendency to pull defeat out of the jaws of victory. They had Oklahoma St. on the ropes and just have done nothing in the 4th quarter. It seems that this is not the first time that Texas has gotten "the vapors" in a big game.

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