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The Utes are a fun team to watch, they're starting to build a good program there.
I’ll tell you what… after living in Utah for 18 years, I’ve not seen HS talent on the level they have along the Wasatch Front. There’s a monster pool of really great and super talented Poly kids who disperse around the nation annually who are recruited heavily for their line skills. But, there’s a trajectory of kids who are getting recruited as high level skill players, above and beyond the “plucky chip on your shoulder” BYU recruits (who every year kick someone’s unsuspecting ass). There’s a monster pool of talent here, and maybe we thank old LaVelle Edwards and Ron McBride of UU (prior to Uban Meyer) for getting this rolling. The Pac-12 has a huge base of players from CA, TX, and Utah. It makes our left coast conference better.

But damn it’s hard to pry these kids from under Whittinghams or BYU’s grips at times.

edit- of course my prior time spent watching HS football was on the SW WA Coast and San Juan Islands.


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Let's do something for the PAC 12 championship as well for $20. If the Utes win, $20 from each to the Western Rivers Conservancy
We may as well make this annual pissing match a benefit for all. I’m down with being a bystander on the Yoot/Mutt game to put in a donation to WRC. I go to the game every year when my pooch buddies from WA come down here for it. Let’s make it count for something we all can agree on.


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You are far from OK.
Alright champ… what are you putting on the line except running you mouth in support ancient history. Famous quote from Hugh McHenny, Mutt icon, that he took “a pay cut” to play for the 49’rs.

Star player Jason Shelley running his SUV into old folks homes while tanked up, and whatever else orbited that debaucle.

oh Jeremy Steven’s all world mutt tight end and total douche…

I mean “sportsman” if you want to get nasty about your fan team, your going to lose big and lose bad with the shit that goes down in muttlake. Feel free to keep taking shots at the land grant school who does way more for our state with way less of your WA tax resources.

oh wait, rampant racism, SURPRISE Jim Owens

Total overfunded shitball program that belongs in the SEC EXCEPT they can’t hang with the blue bloods. Big bucks..,sad results.

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