NFR RIP, M&M in Butte


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On May 7th, the M&M in Butte burned down.

Growing up spending part of every summer camping and fishing on our family’s property in SW MT, going into Butte every once in a while for provisions always meant a chance to go to the M&M Bar & Cafe for breakfast.

My uncles would herd up the kids, throw us in the back of our fishing rig (lifted dark green 1976 Ford 4X4 with a shell) and we would make the drive out of the mountains and over to Butte. We went so often we even knew the woman who ran the counter by name - she was kid down of a Butte legend in her own right.

For those who are familiar, the M&M served a little of everything over the course of the >100 years as a fixture in Butte. At night it was a fairly wild bar, casino, just-maybe-a-brothel even late in the 20th century, and generally a observation of the human condition.

In the mornings, it was pretty much the same just exposed to light of day. My dining companions at the counter would frequently include drunk broken down cowboys, gamblers coming off an all nighter in the back room, cowboy-pimps, hookers, and Butte characters of all stripes. I loved it!

They made a great diner breakfast. I once watched someone complain about their food. Judith (breakfast counter lady) walked over, took the lit cigarette out of her mouth, flicked some ash on the customer’s food and said, “Better? Eat it! If you don’t think it’s better now, get the hell out!”

Over the past 30 years, the M&M changed hands a few times. To an extent it developed a bit of a tourist allure, but underneath it all she was still pure Butte.

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I’m sorry to hear. It sounds like the bar I had a lay over in when the Greyhound stopped there for an hour....they asked us what we wanted “to go” soon as we walked in the door! :) it was a museum scene for sure..

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The place was built in 1890. During prohibition it became a cigar shop that cloaked the speakeasy. Always a bummer to lose a historical landmark.


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The best ham and cheese omelet I ever had came from there. So huge, I couldn't eat it all. Sports book betting on the wall. Great memories.


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Sounds like it had a lot of character, too bad for the loss. Would've been a great place to stop in at..

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Wow, too bad. That's right around the corner from Sweetgrass.

Old town Butte has a funky feel to it. You can see it's a boom town that was built in different stages over the years.

Glad to hear they're going to rebuild.


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AND a lot of characters over the years, as well as some great St. Paddy's Day bashes.
Oh yeah Jim. The St Patrick’s Day parties truly were legendary. Butte is a gem.

My friend owns the Finlen Hotel & Cavalier Lounge a block and a half away. For those considering a visit to Butte but saddened at the loss of the M&M, take heart! Stay at the Finlen or pop by the Cavalier for drinks/snacks.

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