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Today has been awesome. I’m brand new to fly for fishing and so far I’ve taken 5 trips to various beaches along Puget Sound and after this morning, I’ve really become hooked on the sport. Recently I booked a gig housesitting for someone with beachfront access to the hood canal, so for the past few days and until tuesday, I’m getting all the fishing in that I can. This morning I went out there at about 7 and within minutes I saw a fish jump. After maybe 20 minutes of casting I saw the most amazing thing of the day, a MASSIVE salmon jumped all the way out of the water. Maybe 2-3 feet long, amazing colors on it, bright brick red with a green head. I’m not sure what kind it was, but after seeing it, I was truly hooked on fly fishing. I also have a small question, between 7-10 this morning I saw 6 fish jump and even with all the jumps, I didn’t get any bites. I was fishing a clouser today and I was wondering, if they’re jumping, that probably means they’re going after a bug or something on the surface correct? So what kind of fly should I use for targeting searun cutts or jumping fish?


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SR's likely not jumping for bugs on the chuck...I would go with a small minnow rolled muddler, etc.

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Red body and green head makes one think a Sockeye in Spawning colors. I know of a local skinny water that gets those fish in the summer time. It's a "S" river.


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Not sure what type of big fish you saw.
Based on the color description is sounds like a sockeye in spawning colors which would be very odd in the salt and let alone this time on the year, but who knows.....

Cast the the rises of the jumpers.
If they want the pattern you are fishing you’ll usually hook up within a few strips of your fly hitting the water.
Good luck out there.


Try a Royal Coachman Streamer or a Muddler … oldies but goodies and have worked for me if they are SRC.


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I would think a SRC hitting the surface is more likely the follow-through for an ambush on a baitfish swimming just below the surface. I would think you'd be right-on with a clouser. Since you're new to fly-fishing and probably not stretching line with perfect casts, I'd make sure you're stripping quickly after the cast, at least to pull out the slack so you can feel a take.

A red salmon...or any any red fish jumping in Hood Canal in May is perplexing. A coho with a head-injury? A post-spawn steelhead?
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