DAL 8’9” 5wt


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I am partial to the 8.5’ rods for trout work as they seem more surgical in my hands and easier to pinpoint casts, as the 6” makes a huge difference to me. I am technically “borrowing” an IMX 8.5’ 5wt and for a fishing rod I would choose it over my SAGE LL and Asquith …9/10 times. The 8.5 IMX is really quite nice but,….I confess I like the look of fancy rods.
I like the look of fancy rods too.

Nooksack Mac

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Burkheimer DAL trout rod. I have several of his two handers but no trout. Obviously beautiful build. Don’t hear a lot about them
I've fished briefly with two Burkheimer nine foot trout rods; can't remember the particular model or series. One was a 5-weight. Casting it felt like getting a massage with extra lotion from Gal Gadot. The 6-weight was not particularly smooth, but its action reminded me of the desperate rookie, at the beginning of his march to Cooperstown, who keeps saying "Just put me in the game, Coach!"


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I fish the 5’ 5” DAL rod for cuts in the salt. I like the rod. Picked up the 9’ last year from a member here and finally got to fish it. It a very nice casting rod for dry flies. The DAL is a relaxed action rod, so you have to slow down your cast stroke a little. its a nice rod to cast.

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