spring tubing for bass


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Thought I would interrupt the delightful covid/wolf threads with an actual fly fishing report:D

Got on the water just after first light: 20210515_061236.jpg
Started with an old stand by: Screenshot_20210505-204912.png This fly during the prespawn/spawn is just fire. The bass today were basically just slurping it in. I did have a few good flushes IMG_20210515_120115_445.jpg Gotta watch where you get out to take a leak...
IMG_20210515_111358_905.jpg Getting bigger: IMG_20210515_120153_704.jpg Had 2 rods rigged. Never switched a fly all day. Second rod: 20210515_074500-01.jpeg Got a good one on it too: IMG_20210515_120032_120.jpg I often get asked about set up/retrieve for bass. I use 25 pound flouro and im not shy popping it: Hiked out a little more cautiously after seeing the rattler. Home by 0900. IMG_20210515_194802_505.jpg


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Was wondering when we’d see some bass reports.

But that snake though...I get freaked out just by the photo.


Soap Lake Posse
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Good information here. I went all day without anything on a popper, by just letting it sit and pop. Sit and pop. Damn. Tomorrow though I'm chugging along like a whopper plopper.

Did git a muskie follow though.
I like to mix it up. Ripping it doesn't always work. I think of a lm like having the personality of a cat playing with a toy. gotta get them to pounce.

If you were on the lake im thinking of over here with Tigers, those bass are weird. I'm not sure if it's from the super clear water or what but I have found them very skittish.


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Thanks for sharing your retrieve, and fun fish. I've been getting faster/ more aggressive, and I know a spin lure kicks along, but it still feels weird.

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