spring tubing for bass


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After growing up fishing for bass on the surface, albeit with a black jitterbug, I would smooch a fat lady's ass to be within reasonable driving distance of opportunities like that. Major envy here.


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Not answering for Billy, but my relatives like wine. I have them save all their corks. Those work great, but are a little heavy to cast. Balsa is better and a little lighter, but you have to buy it usually. I've never done foam yet, but with a Dremel, all things are possible.
I've used a cut up pool noodle for musky poppers....perhaps I should just downsize a touch and try that. It's kind of a pain to get the perfect shape, but that's what a lighter is for I guess.

kamishak steve

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I want to try it with the most basic fly ever. simple marabou on a hook. a lot of PhD bass cant ignore marabou. I just don't fish that lake that much. I need to.
I've had fantastic SMB there, and even caught some decent LMB on subsurface patterns, but I just can't seem to get them to look up.


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I am fishing on private property. There might be an occasional other boat. The fish aren't pressured and they react like it just another day.
So, its pretty good for top water action.

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