Some help with bigger bugs/streamers?


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Thanks again for the help all.
Vacation is finally here and we are headed to camp in the Lake Huron north shore area.
Took a lot of the advise above and feel like I'm set up on 2 rods pretty well.
Got a cheap used 8W, couple lines and a friend threw me some leader for pike as well.
After seeing all the popper taken bass photos lately I'm stoked to try it.
My bugs are more in the range of the 2nd photo posted by @b_illymac but a lot of the pike streamers are as big as the stuff he throws so here's hoping my line selection is in the ballpark.
One last question if you don't mind:
In the area I'm going the weather has been quite hot and humid for a while, 86F on average, but is predicted to shift starting today to an average of 72F for the next week with cloud cover and off/on rain.
Could an experienced bass guy give me a perspective on how this affects their location/feeding in general?
Will it have a positive/negative effect on willingness to surface feed?
Much appreciated.


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I have had good popper days with a cold front coming through.

not poppers for me (I just rarely fish them), but I've had some incredible big fish days with a front coming through. For bass, it'll often be rockin all of the way until it's too dangerous to fish anymore (with the insane weather changes). With tigers, it'll usually end before it gets to that point.
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paralysis via analysis
Trip taken, advise taken and it paid off after getting comfortable casting in order to drop poppers in right at the shoreline and switching up retrieves.
Lots of fish on both small poppers and large streamers.
Not many big guys but a couple smallies over 18" and a few incidental small pike on the subsurface stuff.
Officially hooked on bass on the fly, in particular popper takes and glad for it as the timing couldn't be better.
Back home now and average river water temps are now up around 68F cancelling my trout fishing for the time being.
Thanks again to all that offered insight.

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