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I've been mostly too busy lately to get much fishing in, but managed to get a couple Sunday outings in in the last week. Mother's day I headed North to Kettle Falls to visit my Mom. It had been about a year and half since I'd seen her. After visiting, I poked around looking for some pike. I was a few weeks early it seemed. The water was still a little too cold for them to be in the shallows, so I came up with a backup plan. My favorite lake they gated off, and requires a half mile hike now. So I decided to hit a cutthroat lake up on the way home. I decided not to launch my boat, and just fish from shore. I landed so many westslope cutts it was comical. A hookup on every single cast.
Last Sunday I had to make a Home Depot run, so I hit up a favorite lake while I was in the area. The fishing was difficult. The fish were keyed into incredibly big tan bombers, and didn't want a substitute. I finally managed to start getting hook-ups using a #10 soft hackle. They would take it as long as I could keep it in the surface film. After thinking I was going to go home skunked, I ended landing seven fish and losing about that many in the last hour of fishing. Five rainbows, one small tiger, and a good brown of about 23 inches. And I saw a bunch of wildlife as a bonus. Sometimes sneaking away for just a couple hours of fishing is worth the effort. IMG_20210509_225207_945.jpg IMG_20210517_221811_977.jpg IMG_20210517_222143_985.jpg PXL_20210517_031824931.jpg PXL_20210517_030816276.jpg PXL_20210517_030839336.jpg

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