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This is actually fishing related as I've lost April & May in fishing time. So here's some hard earned advice. This stuff hurts like hell and it lasts. Physically I could fish but don't drive due to the pain killers. Believe me, the pain killers are necessary.
It's too late for me to get the two shingles shots. I have no one else to drive me so I'm stuck. My wife got her first shingles shot which is another story that pisses me off. She called Costco and learned they were giving shots cheaper than anywhere else so she drove in but when she got there they refused to give her the shot because they had a line of covid recipients to deal with. Didn't tell her that on the phone so a wasted drive. Now being a cranky old guy, if it were me a certain amoung of hell would have arised right there and then. Anyway she got the shot at Walgreen's for an extra $20 So the upshot is this. If have insurance coverate available get the shot now. If you don't have insurance available get the shot anyway and fork out the $200 for each dose. It's worth every penny. You really don't want to get this stuff, its miserable., Good luck and good fishing.


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That sucks. I'll second the "you really don't want to get this stuff" - my wife got it when she was in her early thirties, she's healthy, works out at least once a day and the shingles knocked her out for a solid two weeks. She was in a lot of pain, and she's a tough cookie. Miserable time.

Hope you feel better soon!


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Sorry to hear about your case of the shingles.
I know several folks that have had it and described it just like you have.
It took me a fairly long to finally get the Shingrix shots a few years ago.
I waited I believe nine months before I could locate a place that had the shots due to a shortage.
Just be aware to some folks have more reactions to the Shingrix shots then others.
One friend reported mild, aches while another friend had a pretty severe reaction and now refuses to get the second shot. He also had a similar reaction to his second Covid shot.

All that said, the benefits far outweigh the negatives by a wide margin in my opinion.
I myself had no reaction to either Shingrix shot.
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Thanks for the reminder. I've never got a shot for shingles before but I remember that my dad had it and he told me how painful it was. I'll need to check with my doctor about getting a shot..


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I feel your pain. Mentally it's quite taxing too. I got it 2 years ago, June/July, 2 days after school let out. Cleared up a few days before the last grandchild was born, which was good because brother was in the hospital for a while, so the middle one and I hung out. Dr. didn't let me contact the little one until release. Like other things in this world, do what you can to protect yourself. It's miserable otherwise.

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I asked my doctor about the shot and he gave me a prescription for the shot. Even with my insurance the shot costs an arm and a leg. I said to hell with the shot. Not everybody gets this shit. I'm hoping I don't. I'm just an old man who doesn't give a shit .


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My wife and got the shingles shot several years back. It was the older version of the vaccine, not the 2 dose one they’re giving now.

I think we got the vaccine on a Friday and by Monday I got the shingles. Several days later I was really concerned because it was beginning to spread very close to my one eye.

So I drove myself into the hospital emergency room. Fortunately, it hadn’t spread into my eye, and the doctor there said that the other good news was that my case, because of the vaccine, was a mild one. It was still bad enough for me though.

The hospital doctor also told me that I may have contracted shingles since my body was stressed as a result of me getting a sunburn over the weekend. I don’t know what it was the result of, but I’ve been reluctant to get the new 2-dose shingles vaccine. (I had no significant reaction from the Covid vaccine.)

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I had shingles about 13 years ago and I was very fortunate. It was like a super minor sunburn in a few places about the size of a 50-cent piece (cheek, upper arm, and near ankle) and some swelling on my forehead and side of face by my ear. Plus two red itchy spots on the top-front of my head. It did not last very long and no after affects. Amazing how it only affects one side of the body. I did get my Shingrix shots 3 years ago. My arm was sore for about a week after shot no. 1. No issues with second shot.

My dad got it and it was pretty bad. It almost went into his eye. He was still experiencing painful headaches due to the shingles several months later, after it had gone away.


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Agree with the above. My dad has shingles bad, it got in his eye. My wife had it and it was very painful. I got the 2-dose Shingrix shot and second one knocked me on my butt for two days. But I'd rather that than get shingles!


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Second everything the OP said. I had that abomination of an infection (on my neck and head) at the tender age of 23. I was working two full-time kitchen jobs at the time, and it was about a week of increasing agony before I saw a doctor. My symptoms started as itching and burning on my head. Scratching provided temporary relief, until about 2 days in, when the sores started rupturing and leaking watery pus all over my head. After 2 days of that, and the pain shifting to constant pressure and burning, I made a doctor appointment. Took him all of 10 seconds to diagnose me. Said it was probably burning my candle at both ends (stress) that brought it on.

That was the only time in my life I've definitely NEEDED pain killers. Get that shot if you can... you do not want shingles.


I had a mild case of shingles on the right side of my forehead about 25 years ago. In my case, it was unsightly, but not painful. The doctor was concerned that it might get into my eye, but fortunately that didn’t happen. I’ve had the single shot vaccine in the years since, but I’m overdue for a new vaccination. This thread today made me finally do something about it. Went to Walgreen’s today but found they had no Shingrix in stock right now, but will be getting a supply tomorrow. I’ll be going back in the morning for the first shot. The two-shot vaccine costs about $200 each if there’s no insurance coverage. However, you can get the shots for $155 to $160 at Walgreen’s and other outlets by downloading the discount coupons at

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