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Nope, don't want to deal with that. Know 5 people that have gotten shingles and wouldn't want to be them.
Got my two dose vaccine when they came out with it. And has been mentioned above, it knocked me for a loop. Felt like crap for 24 hours after and had a really sore arm....both times I got it.
Wife tells me that the vaccine is only good for about 5 years, but haven't done the research on that yet. So boosters or another round may be required. Regardless, worth it not to suffer the pain or risk permanent damage from what shingles can do to you.


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I got the 2 shot dose a few years ago. Sore arm and that was it, cost $20.00 each. Pharmacist said it was a lifetime vaccine.
My MIL...20 years older... procrastinated and got it bad. Messed up her eyes forever. Serious stuff, get the shot or play Russian roulette with your future.

Greg Price

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Wow, I got the shingles shot with my fle shot last fall. Wife got glue shot at same time and meant to get shingles shot. My shingles shot took me down. I remember thinking I really do not think the shot is worth hoemw crappy I felt afterward. 10 times worse Than any annual flu shot.

Fast forward to this spring. Wife and I got first Covid shot together. She came down with shingles in the two weeks between covid shots. There is a theory that stresses like covid shot could bring on shingles. So she bravely battled shingles, dud not miss a day of work but doc made her wait an additional two weeks before she could get second covid shot. Wife is a tough woman

Steve Saville

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I put off for several years until last September when I got the flu shot. Got the two dose shingles shots and glad I did. I've seen some bad cases and don't want to go there.


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I've had the single shot and then the double shot when it came out. For some reason my doctor decided I should get both. With the two shot round of shingrix I only had mild discomfort the next day.


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I asked my doctor about the shot and he gave me a prescription for the shot. Even with my insurance the shot costs an arm and a leg. I said to hell with the shot. Not everybody gets this shit. I'm hoping I don't. I'm just an old man who doesn't give a shit .
Old man.... spend the money. The shots are worth every penny. If you get this stuff you'll need opiods for the severe pain and then without milk of magnesia you won't be able to give a shit.

Interestingly enough, now that I have it, I won't be able to get the shots until I've been over it for 6 months. Then I'll get the shots first chance. The good coupon idea is one I didn't think of so I'll definitely use that. This won't last forever so feel certain I'll be on D in June. The tug is the drug.
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I never ever heard of Shingles until I moved to Montana. Nobody ever brought that up when I lived in Washington State. I'm 86 and I don't think I'll live much longer. When I was about 80 I asked my doctor about how much time I have left. He told me, about to 85, I feel good yet. It's just that my body is letting me down. I think I'll pass on these shots.


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got the shots, had shingles and can still feel the effects to this day. fortunately it did not spread from my lower back. most uncomfortable and definitely something to avoid.

and old man, i would have thought by now you had learned to NEVER ask an MD anything because they will always find something wrong to tell you about :)

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I've never broke a bone in my body. I never had anything seriously wrong with myself. I've got both of my Covid shots. Never a tingle from them. Been getting flu shots for as long as they have been giving them.

I had all the child diseases when I was young. There was no shots at that time for them at that time in my life. I've had Whooping Cough, Mumps both sides, Measles, don't remember if I had Chicken Pox. The scratching of the arm for one ailment I forgot about. I still have everything I was born with. Except Teeth. Only have 5 of my own left. The others are False teeth.

My knees are shot and so is my back. I wake up in pain just about every day. I just grin and go about my business what ever it is for the day. My fishing has taken a shot but I'm still willing to give it a try.. And I've made some adjustments for it. Got me a chair to sit on. Most where I fish is a lonely place. I try to stay off the beaten path.

You all be good now and have a nice day.:):):D

Steve Kokita

I got both of my shots....just make sure you get them in your non casting arm! My wife got the chills from the second, I just had a sore arm for a few days at the injection site.


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I got both of my shots....just make sure you get them in your non casting arm!
I got mine in my casting arm. Better that than my sleeping arm. I can sleep at night with out sleeping on the injection site. Still tender a few days later, but, I think I can fish now.


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I would be more concerned with only having 5 teeth remaining. Dental care is crucial to overall health.

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