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I got the chance to travel over to Winthrop and fish the local lakes for a few days. Here is a summary.

Big Twin: Is fishing very well. A lot of cruisers working shallow looking for callibaetis and chironomids. Also a lot holding in the 12' and under range. I found the 8-11am and right before dark to be especially active near the shorelines. A lot of fish in the 13-16" range with quite a few holdovers showing up in the 17"+ range. Callibaetis nymphs, Zebra midges, black and white chironomids, and hare's ears fished well. I tried fishing deeper and would pick up a few but shallow seemed to be where all the action was.

Little Twin: This fished really well last fall but this year I was struggling to find more than a few fish. I didn't see many fish working the surface. I fished it for a couple of hours with only a few fish to show for it.

Davis: This fished really well. Lots of fish in the 13-15" range. I struggled to find many holdovers. Callibaetis nymphs, Zebra midges, black and white chironomids, and hare's ears fished well near shore. Black woolly fished deep also worked well.

Campbell: This lake doesn't appear to have fully recovered from the fire a few years ago (or it had winter kill). No fish to hand and I didn't see any fish working anywhere.

Patterson: Fishing well in spots. You really have to cover some ground but some quality fish to be found. Best fished early before the winds come up.

Upper Antilon (near Chelan): I decided to scout this lake on the way home. I rushed to beat a rain squall blowing in. I got on the water and was quickly met with heavy wind and sprinkles. I found plenty of bass and crappie. I didn't fish too long before deciding to end the day. I will have to try this again on a better day when I have more time.

If you fish Big Twin, you will have plenty of company. It was a good chance to meet some nice people.

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