FS Lamson Fly Reels - SOLD


Two Lamson fly reels for sale. Prices include shipping in CONUS, Paypal preferred, discounts for local pickup in Seattle.

The first is a Speedster 3 with a spare spool. 4.7oz, 4" arbor, more info here. Super fast pickup, smooth drag, and light enough to work on a lot of different rods. I used it on a couple different 6wts and it was great. Condition is very good, photos included of a couple marks on the frame and reel seat wear. Neoprene cases, boxes, and sticker included. $275 shipped. SOLD

The second is a ULA Force SL sz 2. 3.25" arbor, 2.95oz, 75 yards 20# backing with a WF4 line. Condition on this one is flawless as far as I can tell. $285 shipped. SOLD
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