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Out chasing smallies today my son said he's getting wet. Maybe a dozen trips, 10 months old. Took them back to sportsman's and they said you have to deal with Lost Creek for the warranty. Feeling they should stand behind it we worked with the associate for about 90 minutes but there should be a new pair coming, and they said keep the old ones. To be fair he has a short inseam and they are a bit baggy and rub, but still. 20210523_192608.jpg it took my bean waders years before that happened, but still failed at a backing tape edge. Relegated to yucky water now. I hope the escapes hold up, they sure are comfortable.


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That's good to know. I have a pair of the Lost Creek waist highs that I wear in my float tube and fishing out of my Commander. They've actually been quite remarkable in how many trips I've been able to get out of them thus far without even so much of a pinhole leak, especially at that price point. Granted, it's almost always in the tube and rarely hiking and bushwacking (I use my Orvis Pros for all of my winter steelheading and wet wade during the summer.

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