should i go, should i stay?

Well, i know down deep i just need to be careful. i'm 64 these dialysis 3 days a week and just had 4 stents placed in my arteries. i can walk around ok and haven't fished in a month mainly due to horrible fishing where i live near the snake and mileage of 2 hr drive. I will be asking my heart doctor this question on thursday if i get to talk to him as i'm scheduled for ultrasound. If i stay put i feel my summer is gonna be waisted except for the ocassional 2 day trip 2 hrs away. I know 2 hr drives are not as bad to most people but it's still half tank of gas.

I want to move to northern idaho, and am on waitlists of a few apts. i can get into dialysis up there no problem, in post falls or CDA. I would be camping out in my tent. it can get expensive unless i'm go dispersed which i'm sort of spooked to do so in a tent with my dog. Bears....... i'll have much better fishing and i'll truly get my camping alright.....

waiting for an apt to open will no doubt be on my mind and if i go into fall season and still no apt. i'm gonna be #$#$#@$#ed. At times im content here and the peace it brings of h aving a roof a bathroom, shelter for me and my dog. but if i go, once i pack up there will be no turning back. has anyone ever been in this kind of situation? Thanks to those who feel like adding anything.


It's all good.
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When I look back on regrets from my last half century, the things-I-didnt-do outnumber the things-I-did by about 10 to 1.

Sounds like you're being as responsible as possible and trying to line up the priority stuff. You can wait around your current house or have an adventure! Maybe you won't have an apartment by fall and you'll have to find something less ideal for a bit, and maybe by next summer your health issues will take a turn and this camping & fishing option disappears forever.

Like Peyton00 said - this ain't a rehearsal!


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BHPT, I don't know you, and just have to read between the lines of your post. I'm hearing a somewhat more tenuous situation, with health and housing insecurity. Personally, I wouldn't leave my current housing without knowing for sure I had a good landing place, and you're a lot tougher than I am if you're considering frequent dialysis while tent camping. The people on this site prioritize fishing higher than your average person, but I'd still put health and housing over fishing. Just my 2 cents. Good luck with whatever you decide.
hey, i appreciate your opinions. They had me on a blood thinner that almost choked me out the last 2 1/2 weeks. i stopped taking it and they put me on a different. i felt the difference the very n next day i stopped it. Be careful of brillinta. i don't know why i'm posting here again. I failed to ask the cardiologist my question. wasn't thinking on the move thing!

I'm thinking about packing it up again.....but if an apt. doesnt open for me by october i know what that means.....homeless and running out of time. I don't think i can handle living here much longer. i'm having issues with downstairs fat slob smoking and now mgmt. is getting involved. this place was built in '71 and i moved here from wyoming, for health care. dialisys and so i never paid much attention to it but smoke comes up through the heating vents of this place. Unfreaking believable ya know? sometimes my bathroom just reeks with her smoke.

mgmt wanted me to put it in writing so i did. it's not the first time this has happened. ive been patient for 10 months so ive asked them to refund me my money for 10 months, or half of my rent which would be 82.00 for 10 months and i'll pack up and get out. I know....good luck with that. sick of apt. living, and all the bs that goes with some properties is enough to piss anybody off. just got my wallet stolen. lost everything but the inserts. some worker found it on the other side of town. pretty darn odd.

im a straight dude, but if anyone that would feel like spending the summer and early fall in northern idaho, camping out and would like company, and loves to fly fish rivers and lakes, maybe it would give me a push to bail out of here. No, i don't need people to fish with and i hardly ever fish with anybody. heck, i haven't fished with anyone since i lived in alaska, back in 2004 -2010. but, camping maybe would be cheap between 2 people. I have a great 11 yr female black lab and when i look at her...i know she would love to be back into the trees and just really live. Smell the conifers, smell the forest, the rivers. that's where it's happening for me. And priestne lakes. Maybe i could make a good friend out of the deal. Let me know, the way i feel right now i would pack up by end of June and be on my way. I"ll commit. I have my own tent and it will be a good one. i have income, 890.00 per month. good transportation 08 gmc sierra 4x4
well, God is Good and has answered me and my prayers. got a call today from an apt. mgr in cour d alene. She said as soon as you can get these forms back to me we will process and we have a beautiful apt. lower unit on the ground that is perfect for you and your dog as just a short walk outside the door.

so, i'm thinking i may be in a end unit. i'm so excited i can hardly think sometimes.


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Great to hear your headed in a positive direction.
Do what ya can with what ya got.

I wish you the best of times.

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