FS Sold - G. Loomis Pro 4X Trout Spey 4wt


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G. Loomis pro 4X 10’ 6” 4wt two hand rod and Airflo Rage 300 and Scout 330 heads.
$275 shipped
This is a great rod and hate to see it go, but I just don’t use it that often.

I am the original owner, it’s in good condition with a few marks and soiled cork.

Really love the action on the tip section, it’s not really stiff like other trout Spey rods. 80E7CAB6-021B-45F6-821F-8178E50F1F47.jpeg A4F2BE47-77E8-48EB-BDDA-8638B66E8A9B.jpeg E4FAA9C8-AED9-4920-B1BB-D3FDE8DA2C56.jpeg 9C9F7D5B-9C73-47BF-AA58-AF7598C03A66.jpeg D2D6E1BD-64ED-4E19-A566-5EF7BA79125E.jpeg A540B05F-A186-4286-8C70-76FA70A37237.jpeg 63F6EA8D-626F-47E2-9DB6-397941EA8809.jpeg
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I used the Airflo Rage Compact and Scout Skagit. I have both the lines and would include them with the sell of the rod.

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