Wanted Looking for a 6WT set up -Rod/Reel EDIT from last post

Bob Trigg

Looking for a 6 wt rod and reel outfit for smallies, streamers. etc. My 9 year old and I have really gotten into the sport (me back in after a 10 year layoff)

We have some higher end 4 wts (sage T&T with Hatch and Nautilus), and lower end euro set up and 2 and 3 wts (Moonshine, Redington, Redington Reels). This would be a "luxury" rod, as it will only be used a bit. Figured once we add this, we have the state of MO covered. Wish I could do a Loomis Asquith with a Nautilus NRX, but that isn't going to happen. I have a budget in mind, but was hoping to see what might be out there. Probably $600 on the high end, but would like to stay well below that. Let me know what you guys are offloading on the 6 wt combo side of things. Thanks all.

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