Guide Recommendation

Can you guys recommend a good puget sound guide out of seattle to flycast to salmon? Can I get in on a shared deal so I don't have to drop $600 by myself?



a.k.a. Griswald
Captian Keith Robbins.

He is the best in the Seattle Area. I have fished with him many, many times. He knows the Seattle area Sound like the back of his hand and is an extraordinary fishing guide.

(office) 206-283-6680
(mobile) 206-295-7031

You won't be disappointed.

In the South sound I would recommend Bob Triggs. ( Have not fished with him yet, but I hope to some day soon!)

Good luck,

Bill Douglas

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I've heard good things about Tom Wolf, too. My dad just went out with him not too long ago. I guess he is quite a character. My dad's buddy calls him the Jimmy Buffet of PNW fly fishing.

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